Explore Local Life: 3 Tea Shops to Try the Best Tea in Yangon

As England is to pubs, Myanmar is to tea shops. You'll find them everywhere as tea is a major part of Myanmar’s culture, and when you are in Myanmar, especially Yangon, you will fall in love with its unique taste too. Since they are such ardent lovers of tea, people of Myanmar are really skilled at preparing different kinds of teas and coffees that you are sure to love.


There are two main types of tea available. Plain hot unsweetened green tea is usually served in a big thermos right at the table for free. It’s a pretty basic green tea and just a replacement for water on the table.


And then, there is the famous Burmese sweetened tea (Laphet-yay). A mix of brewed black tea and a lot of unsweetened milk is mixed together in a dramatic pouring and is served hot in a small mug. There are various levels to sweetness that you can ask for.


The food and its preparation can range from shop to shop but you will typically only find snack foods or breakfast options at tea shops rather than the curries and salads that make up the main meal options in Myanmar. For a typical Burma breakfast, you'll often see them frying an assortment of sweet pastries like naan with sugar, puri, samosa, and ae-char-kway. Whether you choose to eat them or not, they'll be brought to your table. You just pay for what you eat when you leave.


Best Myanmar Tea Shop

Wondering which Burmese tea shop you should visit to get the best tea? You can explore local restaurants in Myanmar to enjoy the tea, however, followings are some of the best places to visit if you want to get the real and authentic tea during your stay.


Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven Tea House is one of the chief Myanmar tea shop chains in Yangon; it is a high-class traditional tea shop and is best known for cuppa. It has its branches all over Yangon and the place is quite well known for its breakfast variety, Mohinga, flaky-pastry savory buns and excellent Myanmar tea. The food is offered at reasonable rates and the you will encounter neatly dressed and clean waiters.


Shwe-Khaung-Laung (Golden Bell)

On the Bogyoke Aung San Road, opposite to the Bogyoke Market, you can try tea in Shwe-Khaung-Laung, which is a tea shop with Chinese style. It's a great choice to go for especially if you are a fan of Chinese snack. Here you can have steamed buns, meat bread, baked cakes, noodles, and pastries with tasty Laphet-yay.


Rangoon Tea House

Being on the list of the best tea houses in the world which is picked by CNN, this is one of the go-to tea shops if you’re traveling to Yangon. This tea shop serves a wide range of Burmese traditional snacks and dishes as well as the tea of the best quality.


Try these places and enjoy your Burmese tea shop experience, wherever in Myanmar it may be!


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