Shopping Guide: Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Myanmar​

After having a wonderful time at Myanmar and don’t know what kind of souvenirs you should bring for your beloved people left at home? Here is the guide to choose valuable souvenir from Myanmar.



Longyi, known as Myanmar’s traditional clothing, is definitely one of the things to buy in Myanmar. There are longyis for both male and female genders. Nearly all of the tourists give a try to wear longyi when they came a visit to Myanmar and they really like it. Although wearing longyi is overwhelming impression and unfamiliar, longyi makes the females look stunningly elegant and charming; for man it makes neat and attractive.


Average longyi can be bought around $3. Depend on the quality of silks, materials used and sophistication of design, the price may range from affordable price to exclusive. According to your preference and budget arrangement, you can choose the right longyi as souvenirs.

Myanmar traditional scarf and shawl goes well with longyi and great for souvenirs too.


Sand Paintings

Sand Painting is a peculiar art form in Myanmar’s culture and painted on the silk cloths with the primary material sand, glue, paint and stylus. Most of the painting featured the peaceful ancient temples, daily life of local citizens or the iconic leader of the Democrat Aung San Suu Kyi.

Sand painting needs a lot of efforts, creativity, skills and patience in order to get the marvelous and stunning work of art. It can be memorial choice of souvenir for your trip to Myanmar.


You can find magnificent sand painting in Yangon, but still Bagan is the best place to find the local iconic sand painting. You can witness the grasping insights of the back story of fully making process while choosing painting for souvenir.



Myanmar is the country which has great miner of precious stones and the price of gems here is also quite decent than the other countries. The gemstone products originating from Myanmar are always highly appreciated in the international market. That’s why, when you visit the local jewelry booths, just pick up the favorites and pay for them. You get what you pay for in Myanmar as the beautiful items are sold at the affordable prices.


If you are planning to give valuable gemstone as gift, then go to Bogyoke Aung San market where many licensed stores are located. You can find the nicest and finest gemstone there.



Tapestries was regarded as one of Myanmar’s cultural symbol. The tapestry is made meticulously on silk cloths and decorated with gold, silver and sparkling sequins. They are completely made by extremely skilled and talented handicraftsmen, mainly women.


Buddhist stories or other non mundane objects of Burmese Buddhism such as legendary animals, Hintha, Garuda, etc. are the most created features. These days, there are a large number of novelties such as handbags, purses, clothing which become popular among tourists. As these tapestries’ novelties are really artful and fabulous, these will surely delight your beloved ones if you give them as souvenirs. If you are looking for accommodation in Yangon, we recommend Clover Suites Royal Lake,4-star hotel in Bahan Township Yangon.